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More then ever, people struggle with identity and the diversity of human beings. Probably, in prehistorical times it was wise to be cautious of everything that was strange and different. However, in our modern multicultural society, this approach works contradictory and strengthens the believe that differences between people are not considered to be opportunities, but seen as threats.
Against all odds, this website is built with the intention to stimulate the view that differences are opportunities and at least avoid creating a more and more unsafe world due to increasing intolerance.

Our offer

If your school or your organisation is interested to improve Diversity & Inclusion conditions, maybe our offer could be valuable to you and your organisation.

This suport an be offered in different forms:

  • We could organise workshops around the D&I theme
  • or learn your organisation to organise on your own
  • If you want to apply mindbug tests in a continuous process to create awareness around D&I amongs your employees or amongs students.
  • It is also possible to orginaze these tests your self and only use our mindbug tests.
  • Or another possibility is let us develop for you a dedicated mindbug test. Due to the flexibility of our software, this can be done ina short time against low cost.
  • The mindbug tests are now offered in the languages English and Dutch, but the system possesses a multi-language capability.

If you are trainer, consultant or adviser and you would like to take mindbug tests on board then please contact us to learn what is possible.


If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us (plase use the contact form below).
We have to bundle our forces to make this world also from a social perspective sustainable, for us and for the generations to come.

Ruud Gal

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