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It is difficult to understand why nowadays despite so many scientific reports, still our society has great difficulty in achieving gender balance

  • Is it because the gap between men and women in higher management positions is overemphasized?
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  • Is it because it is not good for business to achieve gender balance?
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  • Is it because women do not want to be at the top?
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  • Is it enough to rationally agree on gender balance?
    And the answer on this question is “No”. Recent investigations made clear that although people may have the opinion that men and women are equally capable in leading people, still unconsciously there is a preference for male leadership.

The company Direction has done a study amongst app. 800 people (from which 60% in management positions) and has shown that 77% of all men and 64% of all women unconsciously associate men more with leadership than women. Not being aware of this bias or in populare terms “Mindbug” leads to many erratic decisions, where the mindbug prevents people from choosing the best leaders.

Do you want to test your mindbug on gender and leadership?
In 2010 at Philips Lighting a test was developed using the concept of Implicit Association Testing. The underlying test methodology developed by Greenwald a.o. at Harvard University is used for identifying many other biases and is applied approximately 6 million times in the last 15 years.

If you want to understand how the test work, please click on “the test explained“.

If you want to do the test with a group of people and want to have some statistical results over the group (minimal size 6 men and 6 women), please contact me (use ‘REACTIE’ below). You will receive a group code and after everybody has performed the test will receive a report over the distribution of mindbugs over the group. The minimal group size is required to ensure no personal data can be deducted from this report.


START GROUP TEST (Group Code Needed)

If you have a group code (send to you by mail) and you want to perform the test, please click on the green picture.


Otherwise click on the purple picture to start the test as individual (free of charge)





Ruud Gal, April 2014

Become Aware of Your Unconscious Biases