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What is an Implicit Association Test (IAT)?

When you hear a word such as “sugar”, your mind connects this easier and faster with the word “cake” than with the word “bike”. This is called an association. These associations or linkages vary in strengths. It is not only words that are associated by your mind, but also pictures or objects that have specific characteristics: flowers are pretty, insects are ugly.

It is called an “Implicit” test because we are looking at associations that you may not be aware of.


What do we want to test in the IAT Gender and Courses?

In this test we want to measure the strengths of the associations that students make between “ boys and sciences” and  “girls and sciences”. It answers the question :”Are boys easier and faster associated with sciences than girls are?”

Why do we want to test?

If girls associate boys stronger with sciences than girl, this unconscious link may have an influence on their further studies. The same may be said for boys. If boys link boys more with sciences than girls, they may act differently towards girls in science classes.

Do not worry about the result.

Your result could show a bias towards either girls or boys with sciences. If you get such a result, do not think you have failed. If you have a bias, it shows your brain makes automatic associations. It does not mean that you consciously believe these associations to be right.


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Ruud Gal & Jacobien Kamp, January 2015

Become Aware of Your Unconscious Biases