Mindbug Test Dutch / non-Dutch names and Leadership


In 2010 Linda Hoebers and I developed a mindbug test at Philips to measure unconscious biases of individuals with respect to leadership and gender. The basic question, we want to address is: “Do you intuitively associate men more with leadership then women or vice versa?”

Afterwards this test was made accessable outside Philips by Esther Mollema, Direction. In the last few years around 2000 people have performed the test and the outcome is that 77% of the men and 64% of the women have an unconscious preference for male leadership. Creating awareness of once mindbug is an important step to avoid that your mindbug is deciding instead of you!

Another interesting question is whether the origin of your name triggers a mindbug or not. Do you prefer leadership with Dutch names, like Klaas, Piet, Jan or a leadership with non-Dutch names like Mohammed or Achmed (Turkish and Moroccan names).

So, if you are interested whether you have an unconscious bias with respect to names and their fit for leadership, then please do this test. Please click on the link “START INDIVIDUAL TEST”. The individual test is FREE OF CHARGE!

If you want to do the test with a group of people and want to have some statistical results over the group, please contact me (use ‘REACTIE’ below). You will receive a group code and after everybody has performed the test, you will receive a report over the distribution of mindbugs over the group. A minimal group size is required to ensure no personal data can be deducted from this report.

START GROUP TEST (Group Code Needed)

If you have a group code (send to you by mail) and you want to perform the test, please click on the green picture.





Otherwise click on the purple picture to start the test as individual (free of charge)


Ruud Gal, April 2014

Become Aware of Your Unconscious Biases