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Unconscious biases play an essential role in our lives. It helps us to survive in case of danger, since it speeds up decison making and fast responses. Also the brain is a big energy consumer, our body tries to use its resources as efficient as possible. So, once we have made up our minds, it tends to “automate” the decisions. This is the reason that a lot of marketing communication effort is put in buyilding an unconscious(!) positive bias to a brand.

However, the same mechanism also causes a lot of problems. For example, the fact that women are not associated with leadership, although there are numerous scientific research reports that see little difference in leadership qualities between men and women.

The purpose of this site is to help leveraging more human potential by creating awareness of unconscious biases in decision making We have a vision that people understand our diferences, know what their implicit biases are and are prepared to consciously compensate undesired biases in order to create a better dialogue and in this way more innovation. Because innovation comes from a dialogue between people that have a different view on the world.

Ruud Gal, January 2015

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