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MeasureMyMindbug at the GreenLight for Girls Event, European School, Mol, Belgium

logo-high-res-trans-bgSaturday November 21st, 2015, MeasureMyMindbug was invited to participate in the Greenlight for Girls event at the European School in Mol. Greenlight for girls is an international organisation dedicated to inspire girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways!


During that day at the MeasureMyMindbug boot boys and girls at the age of 11-15 years received information how unconscious biases may influence decisions to follow science subjects at a Secundary School or a science study. Furthermore boys and girls were able to do a ‘mindbug test’ gender and science.

Often people assume that there are differences between boys and girls when it comes to science. However, a huge study amongst 400,000 students, age 15 in 57 countries shows that in the majority of countries no differences have been found in the average performance in science between boys and girls.

2015-11-21 14.33.06Apart from an explicit opinion about boys and girls and gender differences in science performance, there may also be an unconscious bias present that implicitly shows a preference to associate science for example more with boys then with girls. These unconscious biases (so-called mindbugs) may influence decisions for future development of boys and girls towards science or to other development directions.

The mindbug awareness helps children, parents, teachers and study councilors to take more conscious decisions on study development and increase the probability that in the future children will develop towards their individual strengths.

Ruud Gal
November 23, 2015